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The KERMEL company located in east of France is the leading European
manufacturer of aramid fibers dedicated to heat and flame resistant
protective clothingThe Kermel fiber is unique and has extraordinary
characteristics. It is intrinsically non flammable and resistant to high
Used all over the world, up to now its main applications are fire-fighters
turnout gear, jet pilots flying coveralls, combat suits for special forces,
police and military garments
The SKEED program is based on the Kermel® high technology aramid
Since beginning of 2009, a new market has been launched specialized in
clothing for high speed sports under the new brand name of Skeed.
Our clothing line is composed as follows :
Underwear for motorcycle riders :
Skeed is the first ever and only brand to be homologated and approved
by the « FIM recommended product » program of the international
motorcyclist federation.
Why wear flame and heat resistant clothing when motorcycling?
For motorcyclists of course no risk of fire, but risk of being burnt by the
heat emitted by the friction / rubbing against the asphalt, in case of
slithering, which explains the importance of wearing a non-melting layer
against the skin.

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