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Polywel Assen Holland
Manufacturer since 1974
World wide export

Why choose POLYWEL:
POLYWEL makes its own cutting tools and products which results in perfect fitting lenses and tear-offs.

POLYWEL goggle lenses are made from polycarbonate and are scratch resistant and anti-fog. Besides that the goggle lenses contain a coating for better roll-off film sliding.

POLYWEL tear-offs are made from crystal clear polyester film.

POLYWEL roll-off film is made from crystal clear non-stick film.

POLYWEL roll-off are used with an unique mud protection and roll-up system. The First roll-off without problems.

POLYWEL TWIN-VIEW, Roll-off and tear-offs on the same goggle:
Incl. 1 lens, 10 tear-offs, 2 rolls, 1 mudflap, 2 mud protectors and 2 roll-up control systems.

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